Sequoia Car Insurance

The Sequoia Car Insurance Company is based in Monterey, California. The Sequoia Insurance Company was founded in 1947 and is an independent insurance company. You cannot buy personal car insurance through them, they don’t offer it. They write commercial insurance coverage consisting of Sequoia Edge, employee practices liability insurance, workers’ compensation, California metal workers, Sequoia Enterprise, and Sequoia Agricultural Edge.

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Sequoia Edge is a line of comprehensive and flexible business insurance that covers property, general liability, professional liability, crime, and inland marine. Sequoia Enterprise is a coverage plan for small businesses that have an annual sale of less than $5 million and property values of under $10 million.

Sequoia Agriculture Edge is a specially designed insurance coverage for agribusiness in California that covers custom farming, farm pollution liability, chemical drift, aircraft spraying, farmers market liability, and beekeeping liability. This specialized insurance policy was created for the dairies, livestock, orchards, and vineyards that make up the majority of California’s agribusiness.