Questions to ask before buying auto insurance

Does the car insurance company (have):

  • Pay for the full replacement value of the car (not depreciated value)
  • Require OEM parts for auto repairs?
  • Offer the same coverage for rental cars I drive?
  • A local agent in my area?
  • Offer homeowners coverage?
  • Offer a safe driver discount to new customers?
  • Verify your mileage when determining my rate?
  • Offer a discount for retired or military members?
  • Provide a discount for multiple policies?
  • Have reps available 24/7 to report a claim or make changes?
  • Offer a full service website for making payments, changes and file claims?
  • Pay for a rental car while I’m getting my car repaired?
  • Use independent or employee adjusters?

Other specialty questions:

  • Provide coverage if I require an Sr-22?
  • Allow me to suspend collision coverage if I won’t be driving for more than 30 days?
  • Provide coverage south of the US / Mexican border?
  • Waive auto insurance deductibles if both parties involved are customers of the company?
  • Have a forgiveness program for long time customers who have an accident?
  • Offer umbrella coverage that pays for losses above auto or homeowner’s insurance?
  • Cover specialized equipment for the vehicle?
  • Require payment of an agent commission?
  • Are the customer service reps licensed insurance agents or telemarketers?
  • Offer a nonowner liability policy (If you rent cars frequently)?