What you should know about getting auto insurance quotes online

An old proverb: The art is not in making money, but in keeping it. Getting auto insurance online can help you keep more of your money.

Use the zip code box above to compare car insurance rates. Check out several carriers and a couple agents and use the right coverage as a benchmark. Determine if you have enough or in some cases, too much car insurance.

Be careful where you submit even your contact info. Other sites sell your info to competing insurance salesmen.

Beware when getting auto insurance elsewhere

  • Read the fine print to see if you have to pay a brokerage fee;
  • Find out your driving record has mistakes before an insurance carrier finds some non disclosed information about driving record;
  • In California, insurers can’t use your credit rating to calculate rates;
  • If you change providers, you lose the 20% prop 103 safe drivers discount;
  • Some car insurance companies quote only by e-mail or phone, making you wait for a price;
  • Check if you are getting an actual binding rate or only an estimate;
  • Car insurance may only cover one you in one country – not practical if you need it overseas or travel
  • It’s impossible to get comparisons of all policy premiums from different car insurance companies
  • When technical problems occur at checkout, call to make sure you actually bought;
  • Your credit card may get charged but you don’t get any coverage or confirmation;
  • Auto insurance websites offer surveys, not actual quotes from competing car insurance companies;
  • If you have a vintage, rare, collector or exotic vehicle, the company may not cover your type of car;
  • It may be hard to get all your discounts online (i.e. multi policy, military. etc.);
  • Online carriers may not quote in your state online, but have policies available only locally or over the phone; and
  • Online car insurance companies may only want the safest of drivers, and not cover you if you have points and/or accidents