Personal Injury Compensation Claims in California

I am always looking for professionals who I like personally and who are pro customer service. People that think like I think and hold the same values. Back in 1987, I was hurt in a construction related accident. plans were mangled badly, and up in hospital for one week. I never sued my employer, I hope to return to work as soon as possible. But my medical bills were piling up, and then I starting getting calls from my doctor and surgeon about when they will be paid. The insurance carrier, the Hartford was not in a hurry to pay them. I was not working since my hands were still healing, so I had no way to pay them.

I hired a lawyer, but didn’t hear much from him. He settled my case for a pathetically small amount ($4,000), and I think he must have worked 2 hours for me. Then he took half the money ($2,000). I got an important lesson in customer service.

When you hire a lawyer to represent you, make sure he returns calls. He needs to be aggressive, yet intelligent. You want someone that has been around, someone that does lunches with the other lawyers and is familiar with the judges. I’ve had my biggest wins with my family lawyer who smoozed the judges non stop. Yea, I said it! Honey will attract more flies than vinegar.

Hire a lawyer that has charisma. He not only has to convince you, but the other side to settle. Get a free consultation. Use your (free) hour or half hour to ask the lawyer questions. Find out if he tells a story. If he can’t talk about himself easily, how can he talk about the merits of your case?

Pay attention to how he addresses you. If he’s rude to his you before you are even a client, he may easily offend the opposing lawyer and judge. That will not help your case. If they personally dislike you or your lawyer, Judges will find a way to rule against you, even if you case is very strong. I’ve been there and it sucks.

As a pro se litigant, I’ve had numerous dealings with lawyers. I have a tax lawyer, family law lawyer, and business lawyer .When I recommend a service to my customers, I want to make sure that person doesn’t make me look bad.
My personal injury lawyer is Michael Ehline. A Former Marine, he fought for our country, and he will fight for you.
I like Michael because he’s assessable, via phone, e-mail or instant message (Facebook or Google plus). He IS NOT one of his lawyers where the meter is implanted in his phone.

I asked him to share some things with me about Southern California personal injury compensation issues, and luckily, he agreed:

When a person has been negligent and caused a serious accident to occur and another party suffers bodily injury, it is common knowledge that they often endure a large amount of physical pain and suffering.

However, there are also some other ramifications that they often suffer when a serious accident occurs as well. Personal injury compensation issues an be numerous. When a personal injury claim is made, it frequently involves quite a bit of mental and emotional suffering, not only for the injured victim but for each of their family members as well. There are problems that typically arise when serious damage has occurred to the family vehicle, especially in one car families.

When you are an injured victim and file for personal injury settlements, it is meant to help ease at least a little of the pain and suffering you have had to endure. While it in no way can take away all of the suffering a tragic accident usually causes to a family, it can help a great deal in keeping the finances of your family intact.

A personal injury compensation calculator is often used by an experienced personal injury attorney to help determine fair and just personal injury compensation amounts for the bodily injuries and damages that victims of negligent accidents have suffered. This includes lost wages from being unable to work, pain and suffering, and medical expenses that have accumulated because of the injuries the victim sustained.

As a victim, your prognosis and age are just a few factors taken into consideration when a personal injury settlement calculator is used to determine car accident compensation you are entitled to.

Personal injury compensation issues are clearly numerous, as discussed above. Thus, if you or a family member has been involved in a motorcycle accident, work related accident, car accident, or any other type of accident that has caused serious bodily injury;

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My main concern is to help injured victims and their families get back to an enjoyable life without having to struggle through countless medical expenses that are the fault of another party. I have the legal knowledge needed to use a personal injury calculator and strategic legal planning which helps to ensure your personal injury insurance settlements is the highest amount that can be obtained.