Multiple auto insurance quotes

Why is it important to get car insurance rates from more than one carrier? The truth, most people get rates from 3 different carriers. Aren’t they all the same? Nope. Premiums are as varied as the carriers themselves.

Some insurance carriers treat higher risk drivers differently then others and some car insurance companies market specifically to low risk drivers. So you won’t get the same treatment from both. It’s very important to use your time wisely. Get rates from agents for several carriers, as many as your time allows.

The “best” auto insurance

Once you find a combination of price and coverage you like, contact the company and get a taste of their service and support. If a company wants your business, they will be on their best behavior during the buying process. If the carrier is short with you and you have not even bought yet, imagine when you have a claim or a billing problem!

There are a limited amount of people looking for auto insurance at one time in the market. In order to grow, Insurers must take market share from other companies. That’s why each company claims they’ve saved over $400 for customers who switched from their competitors. Since Insurers are in such stiff competition for your business, it’s much easier to retain a customer and keep their acquisition costs, then going out and finding a new one.

How to get many insurance rates

Get multiple car insurance quotes. Use your current premium and coverage limits as a benchmark. Keep in mind that some carriers will quote you the premium every 6 months and some every 12, When you get rates, use the same limits of coverage that you have now, unless you have the state minimum, which few should have. It’s too cheap to increase your limits to be at your state’s minimum.

Online auto insurance security

Do not give your credit card number, SSN number or bank accounts to anyone until you are ready to buy. A little homework can save you some grief. Make sure anyone you give some of your personal info to uses the https in front of their url, meaning the site is secure.


Car insurance companies will readily accept your money. But what happens when there is a claim? I believe most carriers want to process your claim and move on. Most not all. I have read reports of Allstate paying their lawyers rather than paying claims. I have heard about Geico and Progressive also fighting claims. Even AAA, the company I was with hired an independent adjuster who low balled me after my truck was stolen. To their credit, AAA sent me a check for the reasonable amount I was asking.

Cheap prices can also come with a claims battle if you ever have to actually have to use your car insurance.