Special car insurance discounts

You may not know it, but there are many potential ways to get discounts on auto insurance. Below are the three main discounts available on auto insurance. Usually the insurance carriers will give them to you automatically, but it cost nothing to asks. Here are a few:

  • Multiple vehicle
  • Multiple policy (auto and homeowners) through the same carrier
  • Verified mileage adjustment (if you are driving significantly lower miles from one year to the next)
  • Safe driver discounts for policyholders who have not had any accidents or moving violations for a certain number of years

I recommend you comparison shop to make sure you are getting the best rate and it will help you figure out who is the easiest to deal with. Get quotes above by entering your zip code in the box above and clicking the brown “go” button.

More discounts that are less common (Savings may not be as significant, if any):

  • Buying from a direct writer of car insurance (There is no commission salesman involved);
  • Carpool drivers. Drivers who carpool to work sometimes receive a 10-20 percent discount on premiums;
  • Senior discount usually over 55 (but under 75) and retired;
  • Occupation specific like the “engineer or scientist” discount which could save you up to 30% if you are in those professions;
  • Group plan discounts from your employer, professional association, credit union or alumni group;
  • Safe Driver if you have a clean California record with no accidents or violations in the past 3 years;
  • Loyal or good customer for staying with the company for more than a certain number of years;
  • Hybrid vehicles owner discount;
  • Good student driver (B or higher);
  • Resident Student is the student under 21 who lives at a school more than 100 miles away from the car;
  • Farm or Ranch Vehicle for professional farmers or ranchers using a vehicle that’s exclusively for work on the property;
  • College graduate discount;
  • Passive seat belts or restraints;
  • Air bags;
  • New Car if your car is brand-new, never-titled;
  • Passive anti-theft device;
  • Anti-lock brakes;
  • Non sport or non performance model vehicle (smaller engine and passenger suspension);
  • Excellent or superior insurance score – credit rating, proving you are responsible;
  • Defensive Driver for people who take driver’s education or driver improvement course;
  • Military auto insurance discount can save you up to 15% for active and retired members;
  • Teacher discount can save you up to 30% if you’re a state certified educator, full-time college or university professor or NEA member; and
  • Paying your annual auto insurance premium up front is not really a discount but can still save you 5-9% off financing.

If your auto insurance company has discounts available I did not mention, contact me so I can add them to the list for our users.