About me

My name is Craig Casey. I am founder, CEO and President of of 4carinsurancequotes.com. Which means it’s just me. I was raised in Annapolis, Maryland.

My Dad watched “Wall Street Week” with Luis Rukeyser when I was a child, and I became interested in finance. Luis reminded me of George Washington. I went into financial services after school and stayed there for 20 years.

I do not directly sell car insurance. I get paid when you shop for insurance, advertisers pay me when you click on the links. That’s why the more you shop, the more we both win. There is a time limit you have available to you, so get a few quotes and hire a broker to look as well.

Back to me, I have researched most of the players in the auto insurance market. No one company has all the answers or always offers the lowest rates to everyone. My hope is to educate consumers about auto insurance and offer them buying tips and several ways to compare auto policies. I am an auto insurance policy owner just like you, and realize the need to find good coverage in case of an accident. Now I am 44 years old and located in San Diego, California.

I have 4 great kids, a dog and am married to an actual Incan Princess.

I tried to make this site informative so you can better understand your auto policy. Since the topic is insurance, (not the most exciting subject), I’d love to hear suggestions on how I could make the site more useful. If you need specific policy info, you need to contact your insurance carrier directly. We do not have access or retain your personal account information.

If you have any questions, contact me! Thank you for researching my qualifications, or lack thereof and don’t be a stranger!