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Allstate Drivewise Driver Tracking and Discounts

If you are an Allstate customer and want to cheapen your mid to higher rates, order Allstate's Driverwise units. Drivewise you could save up to 30% off your premiums. Just make sure you don't drive over 15,000 miles and are a safe driver. Also you may always feel like someone watching you. So for all you voyeurs, Allstate's Drivewise might be a great fit.


Allstate agents are offering these to current customers right before their policy renewal. you'll automatically save 10% just for trying Drive Wise.

Allstate sends you the Drivewise device via Fed Ex and you install it yourself. You can monitor your own driving on the Drive Wise website, which also tells you the amount of your (possible) discount.

Fast Driver Penalties

Allstate claims not to use the tracking to penalize or raise your rates for poor driving. If those claims are true, then there could be no risk to trying their program. But everyone knows that eventually, they will want to weed out the faster drivers who hard brake, hard turn, and drive late at night. Why would the car insurers try and keep high claims customers?

Great potential - for insurers

Think about the car insurance company canceling your policy before you get into an accident. That could save them millions in potential claims. They could also drop premiums for drivers who really did drive safer, as evidenced by the onboard diagnostics.

Humans are creatures of habit. If you hard corner and hard turn, you are probably driving too fast. Speed is the #1 cause of accidents. If Insurers can pinpoint the #1 cause of accidents, that will save them a ton. Driver tracking is not being done for the good of mankind. Still, some of the saving could be realized in the form of lower premiums.

Teen drivers anyone?

Teen drivers could be micro managed, with you tracking their every move on the web. So be ready to seize those keys. I personally would make a teen buy their own car and insurance, since their #1 cause of death if car accidents. I wrote about UNinsuring teen drivers. But if you want to help your child out, driver tracking is a great way to go.

Remember Allstate is not crazy about risky drivers, so the company may not be a good fit for you if you want to add your teen to your policy. Or your teen if they want a standalone plan. Esurance or Geico would probably be a better fit.

People over profits?

Like Facebook, your driving privacy will soon be history. Americans enjoy unparalleled freedom, but technology will slowly change that. Soon we will be the most highly monitored, highly marketed people on earth. I wrote about some kewl things like car insurance in the future.

Also read about Pay as you go insurance. You have to have a 1998 or newer car so that the telematics unit can plug into your computers onboard diagnostic port. Despite the (serious) privacy issues, driver tracking can make you more careful behind the wheel. Plus you can send it back at any time.

Craig J Casey

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Financial Writer helping people with their insurance problems on the net since 1998.

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